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 "Cave Museum The Immaculate".

Purullena (Granada)

Cave Museum Immaculate is a cultural and educational visit in Purullena located in one of the main sites of cave houses of Guadix region, and similarly, one of the main current geographical inhabited caves in Europe. During this visit we are going to visit three caves. The first cave is decorated in the same style as the present cave houses of Purullena. The second cave is decorated in the style of the middle of the last century. Everything is very simple and the furniture very old. The third cave is an ethnologic al museum with several farm tools and other pieces used in our area during many years. The third cave has a viewpoint from where you can see the whole village. It is a very unique landscape. During this visit, travel through different stages at which shows the characteristics of these habitats troglodytes.



The Purullena caves are from Arabic origin. 40 Years ago everybody in this town lived in a caves and nowdays 1.100 people out a total of 2.700 still live in caves. That is why Purullena is know as the "Troglodytic City".

In the inside of the cave it not possible to put doors, because the air needs to circulate. That is why they have curtains to separate the rooms. There are also chimneys through which the air can enter and can cisculate.


The temperature inside the caves varies between 17 and 21 Cº bc during the whole year. That means it feels cool in summer and warm in winter and that makes it very agreeable to live in a cave.


The houses in the caves are dug out of the mountains. They didn´t use  any construction materials; they only painted them with white chalk. Chalk is a natural paint which is porous and the air can circulate preventing humidity in the cave.

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