-In the first part of the tour, we visit a cave inhabited today. Thus, the people that sees for the first time inside a cave house of the XXI century. They can see with their own eyes that can be just as comfortable as a house made of modern building materials and also has its own peculiarities that make even more different.


- Then passed to a new cave in construction, where visitors can experience, if desired, with his own hands, as Dig a cave. In this part, you learn the properties of these areas, types of materials available, and help to better understand why the existence of the cave houses in Guadix region. 


-After seeing a modern cave and another different cave now in construction, we go to a second level within the same hill. This second cave, with more than three centuries old, is decorated as they did in the middle of last century. It has original furniture and objects of the time; they make you take a trip back in time.


-To get to this cave house is possible by stairs made inside the earth, or ramps on the outside, providing access for people with difficulty getting around.


-The third cave is at the top of the hill, and is the oldest of the three. From here there is an interesting vantage point overlooking the rest of the caves of the village, the valley of the rivers Fardes-Alhama and Sierra Nevada. Similarly, this area is accessible by stairs or ramps.


-Inside this cave there are a vast Ethnological Museum, with a varied exhibition of old tools, furniture, collections of curios, photographs, all the object collected and used in the region of Guadix.

 -The visits are guided in English and Spanish spoken. Also the visits are guided in writing in English, Spanish, German, French, Dutch, Polish and Russian.


 Dear traveler.

I take this opportunity to invite you to visit the cave houses from Purullena and especially our museum: "Immaculate" Cave Museum.
We remain at your disposal.

Sincerely Francisco Requena.


Cueva Museo La Inmaculada.

C/Carretera de Granada. Nº 80.

C.P. 18.519 PURULLENA, (Granada)


Tlf: (+34) 958 690 181

Movil / Wassap: (+34) 64 65 56 247


 Cueva Museo La Inmaculada. Purullena, (Granada) SPAIN. Since 1.999 (



8:30 am - 20:00 pm



8:30 am - 18:00 pm


Autumn and Spring:

8:30 am - 19:00 pm

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